Dogcraft Streaming Crew

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Dogcraft Streaming Crew


Type Content Creators
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The DogCraft Streaming Crew (DCSC) is a group of content creators (streamers and Youtubers) who play(ed) on the Dogcraft server. It was originally founded on the 10th of May, 2019 by 18.png JarrydG_ZA and 18.png Mrs_Diss. The group does not have a headquarters on the server, but has a Discord where they post links for interested viewers, as well as share experiences and advice with each other.


There are no real requirements for streamers to join the DCSC, besides originating from the Dogcraft server and creating video/streaming content. Currently, the members of the DCSC are (in chronological order, sorted by type of content):


  • 18.png JarrydG_ZA (link)
  • 18.png Mrs_Diss (link)
  • 18.png SamanthaArgos (link)
  • 18.png briggsmech (link)
  • 18.png Martin_Natorian (link)
  • 18.png Waltert_ (link)
  • 18.png marbou9 (link)
  • 18.png RY44 (link)
  • 18.png William278 (link)
  • 18.png transitbiker (link)
  • 18.png JustEnt (link)
  • 18.png TekBot0507 (link)
  • 18.png RageCage295 (link)


Former Members

  • 18.png MattPlayz_MC (link)
  • 18.png Tiffykitty (link)

Other Info

  • On Survival 3's One-Year Anniversary, the DCSC organized a streaming day, in which 18.png JarrydG_ZA, 18.png SamanthaArgos, 18.png William278, 18.png Mrs_Diss and 18.png Waltert_ streamed back-to-back from the Dogcraft server. It was considered a big success, and additional streaming days may be organized in the future.