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JoinedJune 3rd 2020
Server Rank[Mod]
Further Roles
 ⬤  Server Moderator 
 ⬤  Discord Moderator 
ProjectsNether Transport Network (NTN)
AccomplishmentsToo Much Netherrack Mined

Hi, I'm Collie! You may recognize me as the one going on miniblock shopping sprees. You may also recognize me as a server moderator, discord moderator, one of the NTN Project Leads, or a friendly face in chat!

I first joined Dogcraft on one night in June 2020. I joined Sur4's Beagle at first (#beaglegang forever) and took the SRN west line until I found myself lost in a forest in the middle of the night. Absolutely terrified, I asked in chat how the sleeping worked and people offered to sleep to help me out, I then told them it was okay and they didn't have to skip the night because I got confused that people were being nice to me. I was so overwhelmed by the kindness I got that night that I always try to help out new people whenever I can. :) <3

Maybe someday I will get around to making the wiki article for my Sur4 base.