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Tagging your edits

You can Tag your edits on the wiki, allowing for them to be easily searched and found. For the Commitment to Grammar event/trophy, you need to update verb tenses on at least 3 pages. For these edits, we ask you to use tagging, as it makes handing out trophies at the end much faster.

How to tag an edit

Step 1: Edit and save an article.

Step 2: Go to the article's history page. You can do this by clicking the "History" button under "Actions" as shown on the image bellow. Help tags history button.png

Step 3: On the History page, select the edit you made by clicking the little check-box, and then click the blue "Edit tags of selected revisions" button. Help tags selection.png

Step 4: You will be sent to the "Edit tags" page. Here, click the type-bar called "New tags", select "Fixing-tenses", click it, and then click on the green "Apply changes to this revision" button.

Help tags tag.png

Great job, you have now tagged your edit!