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The Cyberdog Wiki Project is moving

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As of today, the Cyberdog Wiki Project is moving away from to and is becoming an offically supported service of Dogcraft and we are fully disclosing our plans and process by which we will complete the move, how it will effect you and what will be changing. William278 (myself) and darparniox will remain the project leaders/administrators.



  • We are now the Dogcraft Wiki, instead of the Cyberdog Wiki Project.


  • We're no longer hosted using FANDOM/Wikia and rather on our own instance of MediaWiki (the software that powers most online Wikis).
  • The domain is now
  • The wiki look is no longer using the FANDOM skin. We are using the Foreground skin. The look and feel may take some getting used to, though is still fairly similar to that of FANDOM.


  • For now, editing is restricted to accounts only and account creation is disabled.
  • If you wish to help edit the wiki, ask an admin for an account and one will be made for you.
    • Self-account making will be enabled soon. We are waiting on some main website changes before we are allowed to due for privacy reasons.
    • IP (logged out) editing will no longer be supported due to data privacy issues.
  • Templates that worked on FANDOM may not work here, we're working on updating them.
  • All infoboxes will need to be remade using templates rather than FANDOM's proprietary Portable Infoboxes system.
  • Files will be missing. Some software may need to be installed to allow them to render, amongst other issues. Please bare with us.

Old Fandom Wiki

  • The old FANDOM wiki will be deprecated and a notice will be put on the main page redirecting players to the new wiki.
  • Old pages will still be able to be viewed, though not maintained or updated. Notices will be added.


  • We are becoming an Official Dogcraft service, meaning we will be fully endorsed and operated by Dogcraft. However, this will change next to nothing about our policies and guidelines.
    • Because we are hosted on, however, Community rules - including website specific ones - now will be enforced on the wiki and breaking those rules in any way on it will result in consequences extending to the rest of the website and discord server.
  • The Wiki will remain a community project. Myself (William278) and Darparniox will now hold the Staff Rank "Wiki Administrator" and are responsible for maintaining our own team of Wiki Staff. However, we our focus will remain ensuring the wiki is able to be freely edited by the community and to write and edit articles here.

Discord Server

  • The discord server will remain in use, though Wikia-Bot will be retired.
  • We're removing #ideas and #pics to streamline communication.
  • #new-changes has been added, a log of all changes made to the wiki.

Wiki Administrators, 20.png William278
20.png darparniox