Server Information

In this category you will find pages that may prove useful if you are a new player on the server, or just simply wish to know more about how the server works.

About Dogcraft


If you are struggling with Linking your account to, the Guide to Linking will provide step-by-step instructions on how to link you account.


On the Rules page, you will find a list of all the rules in effect on the server, discord, and website. This is the same list as the one you may find on those other locations.

Ranks and Staff

The Ranks page provides a list and a brief description of all the ranks officially recognized on the Dogcraft Server, and provides a brief description of them. The Staff Members page contains a list of all current staff members. These are people you can turn to if you need some help on the server!


On the List of Commands page you can find the name and brief description of almost all the commands that are at your disposal as a player on the server.

Dogcraft Dollars

The Dogcraft Dollars page introduces you to DCD, the strictly in-game currency used by Dogcraft.



The Dogcraft server offers mini-games for you you can play with fellow Cyberdogs! This page has all of the past and the presently available mini-games documented.

World Downloads

When the Survival 1 and Survival 2 worlds went down, parts of those worlds were saved, thanks to a mod that was temporarily allowed. Here, you can find all of the Downloads that we have gathered, edited and sorted. If you have any yourself, you can tell us about it trough our Discord


Quests were once a feature of the Dogcraft server, but they, along with others, did not make it through the update to Minecraft 1.13: The Update Aquatic.