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On 25th May, there will be a change in European Law, which changes how organisations like us are allowed to deal with your personal data. We have taken this opportunity to examine all of the data we have. We have written a privacy notice, which explains what we know about you, why we keep that information, what we do with it, and how long we keep it for. It also explains the new rights that this change in European law gives to you, the faithful Cyberdog.
Please take the time to read it through. We'll need your consent to let you carry on using the forums. If you're under 16, we'll need consent from a parent.
On Friday we'll be unlinking all Minecraft accounts from our web site. This is our way to nudge all of our players into reading the privacy policy, which will be seen when you re-link. Re-linking will be faster and easier, and Brianett will be on hand to help out if there's any trouble.

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