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Forum Games / Re: If all else fails
« Last post by Tallthorn on Today at 03:52:54 AM »
If all else fails, replace it with a rat! (and clean the mouse cage properly first)

I misunderstand people when I take what they say too literally...
Forum Games / Re: 3 more words!
« Last post by Tallthorn on Today at 03:47:59 AM »
It was a very stormy night, rain, thunder, and lots of kittens and my dog. I was watching my legs run. As I saw everything around me turning into tacos, with rainbow salsa flying in the giant rusty old tank of foul. I then jumped out a whale, completely mesmerized by the sun crashing down to earth in a heavenly rush of large dirty snowballs from the depth of a black hole. Our ship was damaged from the Kraken's tentacles that were rainbow colored. We were Sinking. The Deep water contained the essence of nothingness. I slowly floated into the depths below.

Suddenly, I awoke to the sound of waves crashing onto a mole hole, its depths leading to a bright flaming star that pulsated a rainbow that blew up. Then I flew into the dark abyss, knowing that purple is sexy, and attacked a grand jade beast. The battle went crazy trying out bridesmaid dresses colored in rainbow colors with shining ribbons. But everyone knew it was too good to be a truthful cake. I then teleported to Night Vale, shouted at the great big ogre, and ran like the wind into flames, burning auburn, and lighting buildings, setting them ablaze.

7 days later, the world ended.

Without a doubt, without a problem or a complication the world was kaput. Every person was no more. Every tree. and every squirrel were dead as doorknobs. Then suddenly, all of life restarted with a whiz and a pop, and the sky flashed dark green and purple before my eyes melted into twirling vortex's of light.

In a way it felt kind of like custard tarts that had their hair done yesterday, but looked no different to when they were noodles. Or that's what I thought, anyway. I then realized that since I couldn't speak, I must be dreaming. But it felt so real. Could I be in limbo for all i knew? Then I saw fire. A huge blaze of white fire erupted from the volcano, burning all in it's path until it finally hit the ocean of the Freaksound and made a giant ball of steel. Later that night, she came from the heavens and turned around to see a huge monument, dedicated to a big carrot, the color was orange and Purple, until the magical unicorn tried to escape the evil dragon that was breathing great amounts of liquid gold. The blaze that started the #swegfire of the year 2808, when the Daleks were overly glorified men and the cybermen were finaly destroyed.

In an awkward turn of events, my arms ate bananas. then my life turned black and White, in and outside of the Olympic Games under the great banner of the molemart bazaar that destroyed the storage rooms of the nether fortress that the great king, Malveroin the large, had no family other than his great great grandson who fell from a cliff in the great forest of Nas'tal Grah, located far from prying eyes. later that night the sky and the stars were under my command! I summoned a black hole that vaporized the entire planet and it wasn't reversible. So I stood in the middle of a great void that stretched to the edge of the universe. And as I said supercalifrajilistikexpealidoshis, Mary jumped off the block that just broke away from her as she jumped off the house of chaos and fell into a bottomless pit full of Creepers that were charged and the explosion was the size of a supernova.

the very next explosion caused the TARDIS to appear in the midst of the Colosseum which back then had gladiators with giant lizard men for pets that leapt on the ticking time bomb. The explosion was just like my life in a PACK OF PEANUTS. In other Horrible, Dangerous Circumstances, I thought that I liked potatoes. But when I ate a unicorn, it turned into a hairy bottomless derp that drank chickens, and ate pillows. His name was John Cena and he died instantly. Harry said "OH!, and screamed 'Expelliarmus'! Then he left Voldemort dying in the dungeons of his small butthole. All of a sudden, a creeper appeared, perilously perched upon the ledge at the edge of a hedge. But he then was struck by a giant, oversized, super evil hammer. Blue fire vaporized the overly annoying dimension of Terra-X.

The next 7 years went by like a blur; I couldn't even feel my face muscles at all. It was like eating a rainbow colored unicorn's horn popsicle. There was a Swedish potato covered in gravy, I couldn't even tell what was, but it tasted like chicken pie. When I peed liquid potassium, I realized poison was a bad idea.

Suddenly I saw a green portal in the distance that lead to a dimension inhabited by Black Bowsers. I attempted to add dialogue, but they began to punch me in the cajones. I picked up a plasma blaster and swiftly buried it in Bowser's gut, only to find Mario's friend, Yoshi licking a shiny, green, glowing chaos emerald.

"Quit that and grab that big, semi-automatic pie launcher!" yelled the angry pug called Bob.

At that second out of nowhere came a thing so terrifying it shattered my teeth. "Damn you Bob!!" I screamed at him.

"Here comes... Super PugMan to save the flying spaghetti monster but just then I sent a fluffy puppy missile directly into NUDIUSTERTIAN! Pokemon Go to the land of extra-ordinarily elongated rhombuses, that fly toward Harambe (RIP Harambe) and resurrected him, so that he get rid of a world of Donald J Trump. He was attacked by Tim the box who loved pizza and oversized cabbages. Tim then went to hunt again in the swamps, oblivious to quicksand
Latest News / Re: 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by Brycegeorge37 on Today at 03:11:56 AM »
I was wondering why I couldn't get on i thought it was just a reset sorry you're having issues hopefully it's resolved soon good thing you went with the not letting folks get on instead of the ban
Latest News / Re: 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by MaddenChan on February 23, 2017, 10:43:14 PM »
It will be down untill further notis.
Latest News / Re: 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by RiverPlasmaHero on February 23, 2017, 10:27:09 PM »
Umm, how long will the server be down?
Suggestions And Ideas / Re: Survival Railway Network
« Last post by Brianetta on February 23, 2017, 10:07:21 PM »
Here we are, a new album of screenshots.

I'm naming my new line the Jarrow Line.
Latest News / Re: 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by Ten0r on February 23, 2017, 10:06:35 PM »
From Discord Annoucements:

ReNDoG - Today at 4:02 PM

@everyone Hi guys! The server will be down until further notice - we've got some upgrades to make!  :) Now let's go play some singleplayer MC while we wait!  :) RD
Latest News / Re: 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by _Genovasia on February 23, 2017, 10:01:47 PM »
Well, thats a bit harsh  because most people will go on to the server without  looking at the forum.....
better whitelist the server  so no one can  join instead
Latest News / 23 Feb 2017 - Server Issues
« Last post by Ten0r on February 23, 2017, 09:45:37 PM »

We have some server issues that have carried over from yesterday.  Please DO NOT join the server at this time.  If you do join, you will be banned.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

-DC Staff
Cyberdog Nation Server General Chat Lounge / Re: Leaving - Goodbye
« Last post by rock_badger on February 23, 2017, 09:27:38 PM »
wow I just saw this! glad your able to stay and adventure a little longer friend!
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