Sunpetal Oasis

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Sunpetal Oasis
Survival 3
2019-08-11 23.31.43.png
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png FangsOfAmber

The Sunpetal Oasis was a terraforming building project started by 20.png FangsofAmber on the Survival 3 world. The oasis was a plant filled build based around a central pool within a mesa. It was comprised of multiple areas including a western ruin, a central coral pool, fungal gardens on the eastern side, and an arid town on the southern side.

These districts were built and themed around custom lore devised by the projects building team. There were several farms accessible to those working on the project, and was open to adding more members.

Sunpetal Districts

The Mesa was divided into 5 main areas: the Central Oasis, Fungal Fields to the east, the disaster stricken Old Town to the West, the arid New Town to the South, and the River Way along the northern border.

Facilities & Transport

The Sunpetal Railway station connected to the Survival Railway Network as well as a line to Barkenstein and Calafort via the NW Avalanche Branch Line. A Spleef arena for the Dogcraft Spleef League was also planned to be built, and was under construction in the SE corner of the city. A double Spider spawner had been set up on the southern side to be used by any resident.

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