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Map Art refers to any image created by placing blocks in a large area and making a map of it. Many survival players have created map art.


Since a single map covers a 128x128 area, this amount of space must be filled with blocks in order to create a map art image.


Many map art galleries have been constructed across survival worlds. On Survival 3, there was a central gallery in spawn managed by Cookies58_, and several large, sometimes competing personal collections. On Survival 4, Cookies58_ constructed public map art galleries at both world spawns.

Map Art on Survival 2
Name Creator(s) Size Image
SRN Map William278, misterblue28, marbou9, Brogaman 2x2 SRN Map.png
NTN Map _edo, darparniox, marbou9 1x1 NTN Map.png
uRenium>Iskallium GentlemanGnu 1x1 URenium Iskallium.png
Diorite Dreams Joschija 1x1 Diorite Dreams.png
The Stone in the End marbou9 1x1 The Stone in the End.png
Deep Red marbou9 1x1 Deep Red.png
The Void of our Existance marbou9 1x1 The Void of our Existance.png
Havana Logo WIP marbou9 1x1 Havana Logo WIP.png
Galaxy ramokhan 1x1 Galaxy.png
Mona Lisa ramokhan 1x1 Mona Lisa.png
Gravity Falls ramokhan 2x1 Gravity Falls.png
Targaryen Logo RcrazyPT 1x1 Targaryen Logo.png
Homer with Donuts RcrazyPT, Y3Y3, marbou9 1x1 Homer with Donuts complete.png
Cog with Face RcrazyPT, Y3Y3, marbou9 1x1 Cog with Face.png
Dogcraft Logo Rcrazy, Y3Y3, marbou9 1x1 Dogcraft Logo.png
Companian Cube Ten0r 1x1 Companian Cube.png
1UP Ten0r 1x1 1UP.png
Triforce Ten0r 1x1 Triforce.png
It's a trap Ten0r 1x1 It's a trap.png
It's a trap Meme Ten0r 1x1 It's a trap meme.png
Evoker Ten0r 1x1 Evoker.png
Deep Purple Unknown 1x1 Deep Purple.png
Renimus: King of the Derps Wildfirev 1x1 Renimus King of the Derps.png
Ren Wildfirev 1x1 Ren.png
Xman404 in his natural habitat Xman404 1x1 Xman404 in his natural habitat.png
Map Art on Survival 3
Name Creator(s) Month done Size Image
Void Map Mrs_Diss November 2018 1x1 Unknown-31.png
Dogcraft Xmas 2018 Wildfirev December 2018 1x1 Unknown-4.png
Suicune Wildfirev December 2018 1x1 Suicune.png
Letter to Santa MollusSlime December 2018 1x1 Unknown-47.png
Galactic Civil War ramokhan January 2019 1x1 Unknown-11.png
Winter is coming ramokhan January 2019 1x1 Unknown-12.png
The Dark Side of the Moon ramokhan January 2019 1x1 Unknown-13.png
Blue Map Cookies58_ January 2019 1x1 Unknown-75.png
Dogcraft Logo Cookies58_ February 2019 1x1 Unknown-57.png
Visit Mars Postcard Mrs_Diss February 2019 1x1 Unknown-50.png
Hogwarts Wildfirev, briggsmech February 2019 1x1 Hogwarts.png
Tardis in Colour Wildfirev February 2019 1x1 Colour tardis.png
Cool Beans William278 February 2019 1x1 Cool beans.png
Anti Bean marbou9, darparniox February 2019 1x1 Anti bean.png
Winter Constellation Scooberson February 2019 1x1 Winter constellation.png
Targaryen Fire And Blood ramokhan February 2019 1x1 Unknown-14.png
Why So Serious ramokhan February 2019 1x1 Unknown-23.png
Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody ramokhan February 2019 1x1 Unknown-22.png
House Lannister Hear me Roar ramokhan February 2019 1x1 Unknown-15.png
House ramokhan, marbou9 February 2019 1x1 Unknown-16.png
Darth Vader ramokhan February 2019 1x2 Unknown-89.png
SRN/NTN Network Map misterblue28 February 2019 2x2 Unknown-91.png
DerpSymmetry Wildfirev March 2019 1x1 Unknown-8.png
The Derpy Spoon Wildfirev March 2019 1x1 Unknown-7.png
Welcome to Nightvale almightyanna March 2019 1x1 Nightvale.png
Jellie ramokhan, JarrydG_ZA March 2019 1x1 Unknown-17.png
Legolas almightyanna March 2019 1x1 Unknown-3.png
Supermaps[1] William278 March 2019 5x3 Super map.png
Matrix Room Map Mrs_Diss March 2019 1x1 Unknown-74.png
Ouranos Logo Cookies58_ March 2019 1x1 Unknown-56.png
MumboJumbo Logo RY44 March 2019 1x1 Unknown copy 6.png
Homer Simpson heatjr March 2019 1x1 Unknown-67.png
Black Map Mrs_Diss April 2019 1x1 Unknown-80.png
Death Incarnate ramokhan, Martin_Natorian April 2019 1x1 Unknown-18.png
Seahorses s0lli April 2019 1x1 Unknown-38.png
Docm77 s0lli April 2019 1x1 Unknown-40.png
Blood Moon Dallhan Aiyn84 April 2019 1x1 Unknown-28.png
Banshee by the Loch Aiyn84 April 2019 1x1 Banchee by the loch.png
The Home Tree Dutchsoccer April 2019 1x1 Home tree.png
Shade of Death misterblue28 April 2019 1x1 Shade of blue.png
Pac-Man Mrs_Diss April 2019 1x1 Unknown-45.png
Discoball Ragecage295 April 2019 1x1 Unknown-81.png
Avengers Endgame ramokhan April 2019 2x3 Unknown-85.png
District 12 Propaganda legowar1508 May 2019 1x1 Unknown-41.png
Starry Night Cookies58_ May 2019 1x1 Unknown-55.png
The Mob Farm SeamusMinecraft May 2019 1x1 Unknown-58.png
Wedding Invitation ramokhan May 2019 1x1 Unknown-49.png
Yoda I am Wildfirev May 2019 1x1 Yoda.png
Fancy Pattern PeanutGallery May 2019 1x1 Unknown-44.png
Rowlett BumblingNugget May 2019 1x1 Rowlett.png
A Loyal Friend legowar1508 May 2019 1x1 Unknown-39.png
Slytherin House PrismSpectrum July 2019 1x1 Unknown-70.png
Ravenclaw House PrismSpectrum May 2019 1x1 Unknown-72.png
Hufflepuff House PrismSpectrum July 2019 1x1 Unknown-69.png
Gryffindor House PrismSpectrum May 2019 1x1 Unknown-71.png
Spring Eevee BumblingNugget June 2019 1x1 Spring eve.png
Majora's Mask FreddieBaby June 2019 1x1 Black one.png
Black Swan Mrs_Diss June 2019 1x1 Diss (2).png
Navi's Wedding Gift Wildfirev, Dutchsoccer, Cookies58_ July 2019 1x1 Unknown-51.png
BB-8 Skyraccy July 2019 1x1 Unknown-60.png
Aiyn Tech Builds Aiyn84 July 2019 1x1 Unknown-31.png
Laptop Screen Aiyn84 July 2019 1x1 Aiyn laptop top.png
Laptop Keyboard Aiyn84 July 2019 1x1 Aiyn laptop bottom.png
Shut Up and Take My Money ramokhan July 2019 1x1 Shut up and take my money.png
Exit Sign mr_e12345 July 2019 1x1 Unknown copy 2.png
Under Construction mr_e12345 July 2019 1x1 Unknown-36.png
Fancy Pattern Excaliber_FC August 2019 1x1 Unknown copy 4.png
Tiger ramokhan, TheWhiteTigerNL August 2019 1x1 Tiger.png
Yin & Yang ramokhan August 2019 1x1 Ying yang.png
Pedestrian Crossing DiamondCyborg55 August 2019 1x1 Unknown-35.png
Rail Under Construction mr_e12345, darparniox, marbou9 August 2019 1x1 Unknown-36.png
REVENGE William278 August 2019 1x1 Unknown-1.png
Club Phoenix ddamion August 2019 1x1 Unknown-77.png
Captain Rex ramokhan August 2019 2x2 Unknown-86.png
Cyberman ramokhan August 2019 1x2 Unknown-88.png
Dalek ramokhan September 2019 1x2 Unknown-87.png
Iron Man ramokhan September 2019 2x2 Unknown-90.png
Caution Lines mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Unknown-34.png
Autobot ramokhan September 2019 1x1 Autobots roll out!.png
S.H.E.I.L.D logo Bubblewingss, legomaniac65 September 2019 1x1 Unknown-37.png
#ShopAtSahara Spear994 September 2019 1x1 Unknown-65.png
Left Turn mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Left turn.png
Right Turn mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Right turn.png
Windy Path mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Windy.png
U-Turn mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Turn around.png
2 Way Traffic mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Up down.png
Intersection mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Plus.png
Slippery Conditions mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Slippery.png
Rail Road Crossing mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Rail road.png
SRN Crossing mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Srn crossing.png
Bridge Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Bridge.png
Tunnel Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Tunnel.png
Village Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Village.png
Farm Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Farm.png
Pedestrian Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Pedestrian.png
Watch for Pigs mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Unknown-76.png
Watch for Sheep mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Sheep.png
Watch for Chickens mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Chiken.png
Watch for Cows mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Cow.png
T-Intersection mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 T junction.png
Keep Out mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Keep out.png
Dead End mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Dead end.png
Slow Sign mr_e12345 September 2019 1x1 Slow.png
Ren-Diggity-Dawg Crossing mr_e12345 October 2019 1x1 Unknown-78.png
NTN Crossing mr_e12345 October 2019 1x1 Unknown-84.png
SRN Branch Line mr_e12345 October 2019 1x1 Unknown-82.png
Dogcraft Post- October Edition Mrs_Diss October 2019 1x1 October post.png
Dogcraft Halloween 2019 Legowar1508, Pigeon_Confirmed October 2019 1x1 Unknown-53.png
Happy Halloween 2019 MollusSlime October 2019 1x1 Unknown-52.png
Metallic Monstrocity legowar1508 November 2019 1x1 Unknown copy 3.png
Rainbow Flag Ntd3 November 2019 1x1 Unknown-43.png
Dogcraft Post- November Edition Mrs_Diss November 2019 1x1 November post.png
GoodTimesWithScar RareLyncake November 2019 1x1 Unknown-61.png
Hypnotic Techno Andalarew November 2019 1x1 Unknown-62.png
Eternal Balance ArrowsTheHunter, LivingDeadRachie November 2019 1x1 Eternal balance.png
Ouranos Metro Network Map William278 November 2019 1x1 Unknown-92.png
Merry Christmas 2019! MollusSlime December 2019 1x1 Unknown-54.png
Raymen ArrowsTheHunter, LivingDeadRachie December 2019 1x1 Rayman.png
Legend of Zelda Hyrule Crest ebi_furya December 2019 1x1 Map ebi hyrule-crest.png
Silly Rudolph Princess223 December 2019 1x1 Princess223 reindeer.png
Joyous Noel Aiyn84 December 2019 1x1 Aiyn xmas 2019.png
Rainbow Cupcake RareLyncake, JustEnt December 2019 1x1 Unknown-42.png
Mip's Plaza Mipronk December 2019 3x3 Mip plaza.png
DragonFire441 Xmas Present dmgdog December 2019 1x1 Unknown-68.png
Cookies58_ Xmas Present dmgdog December 2019 1x1 Cookies logo.png
marbou9 Xmas Present dmgdog December 2019 1x1 Xmas marbs.png
Xmas Coal dmgdog December 2019 1x1 Coal.png
William278 Xmas Present almightyanna December 2019 1x1 William Xmas.png
Caution: Elytra and Riptide recommended blueartistic813_ , EtaThetaZeta February 2020 1x1 Caution Elytra and Riptide recommended.png
Chronia Group dmgdog December 2019 1x1 Chronia grop.png
Chronia Group Double dmgdog December 2019 2x1 Chronia double.png
Erebus Map Arts dmgdog January 2020 1x1 Erebus mapart.png
Rage Corp Logo legomaniac65 October 2019 1x1 Rage corop.png
The Child OldmanLP85 February 2020 1x1 The Child OM.png
Unknown RooienBoer Unknown 1x1 Unknown-73.png
The Wolf Pack ramokhan March 2019 1x1 The Wolf Pack.png
Baby Panda Princess223 January 2020 1x1 Baby Panda.png
Rage Corp Zoo Panda Princess223, Ragecage295 January 2020 1x1 Baby Panda Zoo.png
Grange LivingDeadRachie, ArrowsTheHunter, jmsvvr March 2020 1x1 Grange.png
Map Art on Survival 4
Name Creator(s) Month done Size Image World
Rendog Logo Legowar1508 April 2020 1x1 Rendog Logo.png Husky
City of Gaia logo ebi_furya April 2020 1x1 City of Gaia Logo.png Husky
Composition in Blue, Red & Yellow bram1305 April 2020 1x1 Composition in Blue, Red & Yellow.png Husky
ThePillagerKing TreeManForever May 2020 1x1 The Pillager King.png Husky
Bifrost Nonium & _Brin May 2020 1x1 Bifrost.png Husky
Elmo Valeritas May 2020 1x1 Elmo.png Husky
Weebness Roo_p980 June 2020 1x1 Weebness.png Husky
Riptide Required Blueartistic813_ & EtaThetaZeta June 2020 1x1 Riptide Required.png Husky & Beagle
Fleur De Lis Valeritas June 2020 1x1 Fleur De Lis.png Husky
Fire In Summer ramokhan & blueartistic813_ June 2020 1x2 Fire In Summer.png Husky
The Tiger & The Wolf ramokhan & TheWhiteTigerNL June 2020 3x2 The Tiger & The Wolf.png Husky
Nightwish Album Cover Chriizich July 2020 1x1 Nightwish Album Cover.png Husky
SRN East Station StenLLuk July 2020 1x1 SRN East Station.png Husky
World Map ElliotTheRed & LazyNine July 2020 1x1 World Map.png Husky
Clone Trooper ramokhan July 2020 1x2 Clone Trooper.png Husky
Tanzanite ramokhan & blueartistic813_ July 2020 1x2 Tanzanite.png Husky
Cosmic ThEquinox2 July 2020 2x3 Cosmic.png Husky
Baah MollusSlime & Hiulgrin August 2020 1x1 Baah.png Husky
Super Battle Droid ramokhan August 2020 1x2 Super Battle Droid.png Husky
SRN Map Husky (as of April 2021) misterblue28 August 2020 1x1 SRN Husky (April 2021).png Husky
This is fine Fraserxx8 September 2020 1x1 This is fine.png Husky
Trader Llama Resistance StenLLuk September 2020 1x1 Trader Llama Resistance.png Husky
FSMB Valeritas September 2020 1x1 FSMB.png Husky
Black Valeritas September 2020 1x1 Black.png Husky
Cookie Monster OPChckn September 2020 1x1 Cookie Monster.png Husky
Dogcraft 5 year Anniversary William278 & Iron September 2020 1x1 Dogcraft 5 year Anniversary.png Husky & Beagle
Dogcraft Logo Dogcraft Staff September 2020 1x1 Dogcraft Logo.png Husky & Beagle
Sandbox Logo Valeritas September 2020 1x1 Sandbox Logo.png Husky & Beagle
Sky full of stars Karbloem & Chriizich October 2020 1x1 Sky full of Stars.png Husky
Stars Splittingadams October 2020 1x1 Stars.png Husky
S&M2 Valeritas October 2020 1x1 S&M2.png Husky
Infinitree Valeritas October 2020 1x1 Infinitree.png Husky
Futuristic Scape bikerboyGR & ashapink November 2020 1x1 Futuristic Scape.png Husky
Gaia Postcard nossi345 November 2020 1x1 Gaia Postcard.png Husky
RenCog/Cogdog TekBot0507 November 2020 1x1 RenCog CogDog.png Husky
Mojang Studios Logo Fraserxx8 November 2020 1x1 Mojang Studios log.png Husky
T-800 bikerboyGR November 2020 1x1 T-800.png Husky
Stray (small) OPChckn November 2020 1x1 Stray (small).png Husky
Stray (small) in Santa Hat OPChckn November 2020 1x1 Stray (small) in Santa Hat.png Husky
NTN Map Husky dmgdog November 2020 1x1 NTN Map Husky.png Husky
Stray OPChckn November 2020 2x2 Stray.png Husky
Stray in Santa Hat OPChckn November 2020 2x2 Stray in Santa Hat.png Husky
Server Staff ChargedBluey November 2020 2x2 Server Staff.png Husky
The Lovebirds Valeritas December 2020 1x1 The Lovebirds.png Husky
bBrain philip98999 December 2020 1x1 BBrain.png Husky
Great Wave Kamard December 2020 1x1 Great Wave.png Husky
Quote Posters 1 LoloBooM4k December 2020 1x1 Quote Posters 1.png Husky
Quote Posters 2 LoloBooM4k December 2020 1x1 Quote Posters 2.png Husky
Quote Posters 3 LoloBooM4k December 2020 1x1 Quote Posters 3.png Husky
Galaxy SolemCat January 2021 1x1 Galaxy.png Husky
Mobfarm SeamusMC January 2021 2x1 Mobfarm.png Husky
Happy Birthday Blue Hiulgrin & Mr_Unusual March 2021 1x1 Happy Birthday Blue.png Husky
Gaia Wiki Plug almightyanna April 2021 1x1 Gaia Wiki Plug.png Husky
Bottle Collection nossi345 ? 1x1 Bottle Collection.png Husky
Onychodont EnderiumSmith October 2021 2x1 Onychodont.png Husky
Sunny & Basil EnderiumSmith October 2021 1x1 Sunny & Basil.png Husky
Andy Warhol mrkalaspuff June 2021 1x1 Andy Warhol.png Husky
Pride Flag TrainerMoon June 2021 1x1 Pride Flag.png Husky
Pride. Lendog & Dylbor April 2021 1x1 Pride.png Husky
Scara The Wizard EnderiumSmith September 2021 1x1 Scara The Wizard.png Husky
Chibi Konoha EnderiumSmith September 2021 1x1 Chibi Konoha.png Husky
DragonFire Redstone Supremacy almightyanna April 2021 1x1 DragonFire Redstone Supremacy.png Husky
Hunter ThEquinox2 April 2021 1x1 Hunter.png Husky
Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Logo Reddestknight Aug 2021 1x1 Untitled tampa bay buc.png Husky
Office Calender darparniox Nov 2021 1x1 Calender Map Art darp.png Husky
Alina Logo dmgdog & Txp_ April 2020 1x1 Alina Logo.png Beagle
Redstone Hazard (red) dmgdog, nossi345 & DragonFire441 June 2020 1x1 Redstone Hazard (red).png Beagle
Frosted Ice blueartistic813_ & EtaThetaZeta June 2020 1x1 Frosted Ice.png Beagle
White Map dmgdog June 2020 1x1 White Map.png Beagle
Gray Map dmgdog June 2020 1x1 Gray Map.png Beagle
Star Wars ZBK42 July 2020 1x1 Star Wars.png Beagle
Darth Vader ZBK42 July 2020 1x1 Darth Vader.png Beagle
Redstone Hazard (yellow) dmgdog, nossi345 & DragonFire441 July 2020 1x1 Redstone Hazard (yellow).png Beagle
B-Eagle Kronolak July 2020 1x1 B-Eagle.png Beagle
Blue Ocean ZBK42 July 2020 1x1 Blue Ocean.png Beagle
Paint it Black ZBK42 July 2020 1x1 Paint it Black.png Beagle
SRN Beagle Map (as of April 2021) misterblue28 August 2020 1x1 SRN Beagle (April 2021).png Beagle
Checkerboard TrainerMoon & almightyanna August 2020 1x1 Checkerboard.png Beagle
Alina Space Association Logo Valeritas & Txp_ October 2020 1x1 Alina Space Association Logo.png Beagle
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus Album SosigRam November 2020 1x1 Sabaton – Attero Dominatus Album.png Beagle
Kylo Ren ZBK42 December 2020 1x1 Kylo Ren.png Beagle
Mando ZBK42 December 2020 1x1 Mando.png Beagle
Agents of SHEILD Kronolak December 2020 1x1 Agents of SHIELD.png Beagle
Loki Silvertongue Wildfirev December 2020 1x1 Loki Silvertongue.png Beagle
The Child Wildfirev December 2020 1x1 The Child.png Beagle
Red Menace Kronolak December 2020 1x1 Red Menace.png Beagle
Poison Pill Kronolak December 2020 1x1 Poison Pill.png Beagle
Mumbo For Mayor Puffball920 January 2021 1x1 Mumbo For Mayor.png Beagle
Amaranthe - Massive Addictive SosigRam January 2021 1x1 Amaranthe Massive Addictive.png Beagle
/ LAK3RS / 1x1 Tbd.png Beagle
Four Elements Collection Nonium & _Brin Unknown 1x1 Fire - Grey.png Beagle

Earth Collection

Earth - Grey.pngEarth - Black.pngEarth - Blue.pngEarth - Magenta.pngEarth - Green.pngEarth - Cyan.pngEarth - Orange.png

Wind Collection

Wind - Grey.pngWind - Black.pngWind - Blue.pngWind - Magenta.pngWind - Green.pngWind - Cyan.pngWind - Orange.pngWind - TwoTone.png

Fire Collection

Fire - Grey.pngFire - Black.pngFire - Blue.pngFire - Magenta.pngFire - Green.pngFire - Cyan.pngFire - Orange.png

Water Collection

Water - Grey.pngWater - Black.pngWater - Blue.pngWater - Magenta.pngWater - Green.pngWater - Cyan.pngWater - Orange.pngWater - Blue Fade.png
Galaxy EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Galaxy.png Beagle
Star Charts EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Star Charts.png Beagle
Moon Chart EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Moon Chart.png Beagle
Observatory Welcome 1 EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Observatory Welcome 2.png Beagle
Observatory Welcome 2 EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Observatory Welcome 2.png Beagle
Observatory Welcome 3 EddyTeach May 2021 1x1 Observatory Welcome 3.png Beagle
Wheat Field with Cypresses Nonium May 2021 2x2 Wheat Field with Cypresses.png Beagle
Hail to the King SosigRam ? 1x1 Hail to the King.png Beagle
Raubtier - Från Norrland till Helvetets Port SosigRam ? 1x1 Raubtier - Från Norrland till Helvetets Port.png Beagle
Alina SRN advert Slomo_1994 Nov 2021 1x1 Alina Map Art.png Beagle
Map Art on Survival 5
Name Creator(s) Month done Size Image World
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Maps per gallery

  • Havana Map Art Gallery: 26 Maps
  • Survival 3 Spawn Gallery: 138 Maps
  • Survival 4 Husky Gallery: 56
  • Survival 4 Beagle Gallery: 66

Players with the most maps

  1. 20.png Nonium: 32 maps
  2. 20.png _Brin: 31 maps
  3. 20.png ramokhan: 30 maps
  4. 20.png Mr_e12345: 29 maps

Biggest Maps

  1. To use the Supermaps you had to arrange the individual maps in a certain pattern. They could then be used to display different words.
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