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|June 2019
|June 2019
|June 2 -July 2
|June 2 -July 2
|{{Player|EnderWatts}} §
|{{Player|EnderWatts}} §
|{{Player|endorwitch}} †
|{{Player|endorwitch}} †

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A screenshot of the helper tag as it appears in chat on the server.

Helper is a rank on the Dogcraft server. Their role is to help new players on the server. On the server it is represented in chat and on tab by the [Helper] tag, which has the "Helper" text in light red, and the brackets and the player name as aqua.

The role was announced on March 17th 2019. It was based on a suggestion from former moderator 20.png RTACubed, after which the HeadMods developed the rank into what it is today. While the in-game tag distinguishes helpers from regular players, they are not part of the official Dogcraft Staff team.


The purpose of this rank is to grant players who the staff have observed to be very helpful in the community the ability to help players with basic tasks. The tasks include helping new players to link, showing them around, helping them with commands and overall provide general information about the server. Every month, three helpers (occasionally four) are selected by the HeadMods, usually on the first of the month, and otherwise a few days later if there's any delay. It is important to note that this is not a staff rank, it is a title. However, some helpers are selected by staff to become Chat Moderators. The Head Moderators introduced this rank to take some of the workload off the moderators, especially in busy times such as when ReNDoG is streaming on the server. If there are issues, people should contact the server staff team.

List of Helpers

Month Start and end date Helpers
Late March 2019 March 16 - April [2-5] 20.png TiniestTea § 20.png CaffeineJitters 20.png William278 N/A
April 2019 April [2-5] - May 4 20.png Bullet_Billl 20.png CaffeineJitters* 341f3317-2435-4670-8eca-bf65f77c5561?size=20.png Dutchsoccer N/A
May 2019 May 4 - June 2 20.png RY44 20.png GrimmWarHunter § 341f3317-2435-4670-8eca-bf65f77c5561?size=20.png Dutchsoccer* † N/A
June 2019 June 2 -July 2 7f4041f4-96cc-403f-8ad5-756dd7b75b5c?size=20.png Domino 20.png EnderWatts § 51222331-2aa1-4570-8eb8-1ef337e01a11?size=20.png endorwitch N/A
July 2019 July 2 - August 2 9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox 20.png nossi_ § 20.png UndeadOtter N/A
August 2019 August 2 - September 1 aebb3781-f80e-4b70-ad1b-b6ecbdf5ec8f?size=20.png almightyanna 20.png misterblue28 20.png EtaThetaZeta N/A
September 2019 September 1 - October 3 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog 3cffdd058e0048a3af29524285bf6def?size=20.png JustEnt § 20.png ArrowsTheHunter N/A
October 2019 October 3 - November 2 20.png Broga_ 20.png MCsallie 4c40146a-0d56-4e3c-86b1-8e41df0a49bb?size=20.png Aeghu N/A
November 2019 November 2 - December 5 20.png __Stormaggedon__ 20.png FangsofAmber 20.png TrainerMoon N/A
December 2019 December 5 - January 7 20.png blueartistic813_ § 20.png Andalarew 3cffdd058e0048a3af29524285bf6def?size=20.png JustEnt* § N/A
January 2020 January 7 - February 4 20.png jmsvvr 20.png OwlCroissant 20.png SnazzyK101 N/A
February 2020 Feb 4 - March 1 20.png expedtadam 0cde779c-084c-459d-8b04-ca263827d60f?size=20.png Princess223 dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL N/A
March 2020 March 1 - April 1 20.png Txp_ 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508 N/A
April 2020 April 1 - May 2 20.png Iotados 20.png ChargedBluey § 20.png EmaEmason § N/A
May 2020 May 2 - June 2 8f99da67-143f-4f4f-870e-e6221a80e121?size=20.png Arkhangellsk 20.png TekBot0507 20.png iluvmath N/A[trivia 3]
June 2020 June 2 - July 1 20.png Hiulgrin 20.png Ssleepyflowers 20.png misterblue28* N/A
July 2020 July 1 - August 2 e49d53a6-e3f2-4ae1-a5d3-f08258d0da0c?size=20.png Montenator 20.png StenLLuk 20.png RynnEver N/A
August 2020 August 2 - September 1 20.png ThatRoger 20.png ClaudyD4y 20.png TreeManForever 20.png Deranged_Slime
September 2020 September 1 - October 1 20.png SJONES97 963a748f-fd36-49bb-af49-7d6cf7b48f24?size=20.png _Skyhook 20.png RealBrontitall N/A
October 2020 October 1 - [October 26-November 2] 4108cd18-4a9d-4311-ae26-56c6307b717b?size=20.png colliecolie 20.png ThEquinox2 20.png Aiyn84 N/A
November 2020 November 2 - December 1 20.png Lakosius 20.png NeoFiore 20.png Chickzie 20.png Aiyn84 *
December 2020 December 1 - January 1 20.png GG553 fd726d60-227b-4ce6-b5d9-10bffc689b84?size=20.png Nonium 20.png AmbyArtist N/A
January 2021 January 1 - February 1 65002e51-2320-4d40-adce-8fc19632f658?size=20.png Kronolak afcb2b12-8207-4b83-9ca7-2c2e740e46ce?size=20.png mrkalaspuff 20.png _Brin N/A
February 2021 February 1 - March 1 20.png ArrowstheHunter* cfa07cec-d6e7-4ea7-bad2-7cbd2b0909a0?size=20.png Karbloem b4db14a4-6515-4b83-ba2c-ef6308f3f919?size=20.png ashapink N/A
March 2021 March 1 - April 1 20.png Txp_*† 20.png IhopEnchiladas 20.png TekBot0507*† N/A
April 2021 Apri 1 - May 1 e49d53a6-e3f2-4ae1-a5d3-f08258d0da0c?size=20.png Montenator* 852e79c5-84d0-48e4-bd95-b77477b42137?size=20.png Philip98999 20.png Chriizsich N/A
May 2021 May 1 - June 1 4f7c0f02-2e5e-41e2-bdf7-209913e0e431?size=20.png behid 20.png Tankkiler123 85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png eybwam N/A
June 2021 June 1 - July 4 20.png N1cM4tth3w63 c75dd65e-6e8f-4a7c-848b-38ab71c5952a?size=20.png Minda905 20.png MattKi01 N/A
July/August 2021 July 4 - September 4 c75dd65e-6e8f-4a7c-848b-38ab71c5952a?size=20.png Minda905*† 025c23ec-1410-4622-aff5-7617c345773b?size=20.png _Shako 20.png PerskyPuff N/A
August 2021 August 1 - September 4 20.png TyrantrumGOD 20.png Slomo_1994 20.png JVKermit N/A
September 2021 September 4 - October ? b6a52436-1e09-4504-a02e-795c763c3f24?size=20.png zacattack2097 20.png AmbyArtist* a2d4fb57-81cd-4da1-b2db-6b326ca60742?size=20.png MrsPierogi N/A


* - Second term

- Current staff member

§ - Former staff member

Selection process

Helpers are proposed to the HeadMods by other members of the Staff team, who observe regular players to be especially helpful. Based on these suggestions, the HeadMods choose the 3 Helpers for the next month, and contact them to ask if they're interested. Direct requests from players to become Helper do not influence the selection process, and may have an adverse effect. To have a chance, one has to be a consistently helpful member of the Dogcraft community. Occasionally a second term can be granted to Helpers for various reasons.


  • In the proposal stage, the helper rank was referred to as "St. Bernard". However, it was quickly determined that the title would generate confusion in newer players who wouldn't know what the rank is, thus the simple title of Helper took its place.
  • Additionally during this time, [HeadMod] 21767669-d40c-4d14-8090-ae18150e22ab?size=20.png Scooberson, who after making a joke about helpers being the people who "herd the newbies in the right direction" began to refer to the helper rank as "The Corgi's", naming them after the Welsh Corgi, a breed of dog historically used for herding.
  • May 2020's Helpers and Staff declared Scooberson as the 4th helper on a whim; he had no say in the matter.
  • July 2021's Helpers ended up keeping their helper rank through August because the Headmods forgot to demote them. When they realized they forgot, the month was almost over so they kept them around for the rest of the month. 3 new Helpers were added at the beginning of the month, making a total of 6 Helpers for August 2021.
  • This extension of the July 2021's Helpers term technically makes c75dd65e-6e8f-4a7c-848b-38ab71c5952a?size=20.png Minda905 the only helper to serve 3 terms in the ranks history.
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