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Defunct: As of the update to 1.17, this feature is no longer in use.

On the Survival 4 world, it is possible to capture a mob inside a "Spawn Egg" item. Capturing mobs is not always successful, you can find a table below with the chance of capture broken down by mob. After capturing one, you can spawn them anywhere, the same way that spawning a mob from an egg works in creative mode.

Capturing a mob

Blaze Spawn Egg.png

To capture a mob, you are first going to need a normal egg. After you have an egg, walk up to the mob you want to capture, and throw the egg at them. (Throw the egg with right click, like you would normally throw it.) After the egg hits, a "Spawn Egg" item corresponding to the creature might appear where the mob stood. (There is a chance of it failing.) You can now use this spawn egg to spawn in a new mob. Mobs can only give Spawn Eggs of the same type. (Eg. Cows will only give cow eggs)


  • You can only capture mobs in unclaimed areas, or in claims where you have trust.
  • You can only spawn mobs in unclaimed areas, or in claims where you have trust.
  • Clicking with an egg on a Spawner block will do nothing.
  • Mobs do not preserve data like items help or trades when captured and spawned. (A completely new mob is spawned)
  • Endermen cannot be caught as they teleport away from any projectile.

Capture Chances

Capturing a mob has a percentage chance of failure, you can see these chances broken down by mob in the table below.

Name Chance


Bat 30%
BeeFace.png Bee 30%
BlazeFace.png Blaze 10%
CatFace.png Cat 30%
CaveSpiderFace.png Cave Spider 10%
ChickenFace.png Chicken 3%
CodBody.png Cod 30%
CowFace.png Cow 35%
CreeperFace.png Creeper 2%
DolphinFace.png Dolphin 50%
DonkeyFace.png Donkey 30%
DrownedFace.png Drowned 7%
ElderGuardianFace.png Elder Guardian 10%
EndermanFace.png Enderman 0%
EndermiteFace.png Endermite 40%
EvokerFace.png Evoker 10%
FoxFace.png Fox 30%
GhastFace.png Ghast 15%
GuardianFace.png Guardian 10%
HorseFace.png Horse 35%
big-husk-face.png Husk 10%
LlamaFace.png Llama 35%
MagmaCubeFace.png Magma cube 0%
MuleFace.png Mule 30%
MooshroomFace.png Mooshroom 15%
OcelotFace.png Ocelot 40%
PandaFace.png Panda 30%
ParrotFace.png Parrot 15%
PhantomFace.png Phantom 10%
PigFace.png Pig 25%
ZombiePigmanFace.png Zombie Pigman 10%
PillagerFace.png Pillager 10%
PolarBearFace.png Polar Bear 20%
PufferfishFace.png Pufferfish 30%
RabbitFace.png Rabbit 37%
RavagerFace.png Ravager 10%
SalmonBody.png Salmon 30%
SheepFace.png Sheep 15%
ShulkerFace.png Shulker 5%
SilverfishFace.png Silverfish 30%
SkeletonFace.png Skeleton 10%
SkeletonHorseFace.png Skeleton Horse 35%
SlimeFace.png Slime 0%
SpiderFace.png Spider 10%
SquidFace.png Squid 30%
StrayFace.png Stray 10%
LlamaFace.png Trader's Llama 35%
TropicalFishBody.png Tropical Fish 30%
TurtleFace.png Turtle 30%
VexFace.png Vex 10%
VillagerFace.png Villager 13%
VindicatorFace.png Vindicator 10%
WanderingTraderFace.png Wandering Trader 13%
WitchFace.png Witch 10%
WitherSkeletonFace.png Wither Skeleton 0%
WolfFace.png Wolf 25%
ZombieFace.png Zombie 7%
ZombieVillagerFace.png Zombie Villager 5%
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