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The Dogcraft Server is a free public Minecraft server dedicated to minecraft YouTuber ReNDoG. It was first opened to the public on the 14th of November, 2015. Over its lifetime, the server has had multiple worlds in which players could play, but at least one normal survival world was always present. The server's main IP adress is, altough alternate IPs have been used, like


Main article: Worlds Altough the Dogcraft server has been open since 2016, the worlds of the server have changed over the years. After a perviouly unprecedented total reset with the 1.13 update, the then brand new world known as Survival 3 has become the main place to play on Dogcraft. There is also a Creative plotworld, minigame worlds, and a Hub on the server.


Pioneer Era

Before being opened to the public, the server was tested by a group of players who got the Pioneer rank after the public launch of the server. These players were selected by ReNDoG, from his communities both on YouTube, and the forums.