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''- Case closed, court adjourned.''
''- Case closed, court adjourned.''
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DC Courtroom
DC Courthouse Logo.png

The logo of the DC courtroom, depicting a bar within a dogcraft cog wheel.

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 18.png Domino_1
18.png DragonFire441
Status Defunct
Dimension Overworld

The DC Courtroom was a build on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server, as well as a Discord server. It hosted mock trials in the case of playful disputes. Serious cases of dispute do not belong in this courtroom, but should have been presented to a Staff Member. The physical courtroom for Survival 3 was located under Chronia. Cases could take place there or in the Discord.


The DC Courtroom discord was first created by 18.png misterblue28 on 20 February 2019, with 18.png Domino_1 serving as Bailiff & Clerk, and 18.png Dutchsoccer as judge. It was created because of the Anti Bean dispute between 18.png William278 on the Pro Bean side, 18.png marbou9 and 18.png darparniox on the Anti Bean side, and several other people spread across the two sides. After this dispute was resolved, the selection of judges and bailiffs was put to a democratic vote. Elected judges were marbou9, Dutchsoccer and 18.png Broga_. Elected as Bailiff & Clerk were William278 and Domino_1, of which the latter passed this role to 18.png SummerFlower1234 when he became Plaintiff himself. Jurors, Plaintiffs and Defendants could change from case to case.

Physical Courtroom

Chronia Town Hall, under which the Courtroom is located

The physical courtroom affiliated with the DC Courtroom discord during Survival 3 was located in Chronia and was built by 18.png DragonFire441 and 18.png Domino_1. Not all cases took place there due to some people not being able to log onto the server during the cases.


The Bean Wars

See also: Antibean HQ

The Bean Wars were a long running dispute, with the main players being William278 on the Pro Bean side, and marbou9 and darparniox on the Anti Bean side. Many others were involved on the side too, as pranks back and forth affected others. The conflict started due to William278 overusing the phrase "Cool Beans", to the annoyance of others. Marbou9 and darparniox responded to this by constructing Anti Bean HQ in Ouranos. The pranks escalated from there, involving 3 map arts back and forth, several pranks on the Anti Bean HQ and Ouranos and eventually even pranks that weren't related to beans anymore. This conflict spread to some of the playerrun Dogcraft discords, which prompted the creation of the DC Courtroom discord. The case did not have a very clear cut conclusion, as the conflict continued after the case, but judge Broga_ did rule that William278 should not overuse the phrase.

The Iron Cat Records

The second "trial" of the DC Courtroom wasn't as much a trial as it was an investigation, as there was no Defendant or Plaintiff. Members of the Courtroom looked into the strange appearance of 18.png Renthecat, an account dressing up as server owner 18.png Renthedog, which was the second account to hold the Endergod rank. After some slight digging, it turned out that 18.png Ironboundred was behind the account, who is the only person on Dogcraft who is allowed to have an alt for testing purposes.

Chase Case

Still from a clip of the second Chase.

The case surrounding the Chase mainly refers to the second iteration of The Chase, a game show event held in Ouranos by William278. During the first iteration (which was during the Bean Wars), William278 had prepared a trap that killed the Chaser, marbou9, with an anvil. During the second iteration, marbou9 plotted revenge. He rigged the ceiling of the Chase studio with 6 anvil traps, designed to kill host William278, the four contestants of the show, and cameraman 18.png nossi345, all with the flick of one lever. The trap was activated successfully, prompting the court case looking into these events. After a long discussion, all charges were dropped, "because it was funny".

William Light Mode Case

This case followed almost directly after the Chase Case, in which William had used a screenshot of a Discord conversation while using Discord's Light Mode. The Plaintiffs in this case stated that William's use of Light Mode had a blinding effect on Dark Mode users. The case did not have a clear ending, but it was generally agreed upon that William could do what he wanted.

William Anvil Case

The next case presented months later in October, and was the first case to get an official summary and sentence, copied below:

Court Case: William278 vs. _edo/Thralc/Domi_2

Charge: Triple Murder

Additional charges (evidenced during court case): Double Attempted Murder, Bribery

Date: August 5th, 2019

Judges residing: Dutchsoccer (first half), marbou9

Bailiff: SummerFlower1234

District Attorney for plaintiffs: darparniox

Lawyer for defendant: Spear994

Jury Members: almightyanna, 43Badgers, DragonFire441


- Defendant pleads 'not guilty'. Lawyer tries to declare William mentally insane to avoid trial, but fails.

- DA makes an argument for the plaintiffs. Victim _edo testifies.

- Detective Mrs_Diss testifies with evidence of the defendant having placed the anvils that killed the plaintiffs.

- New charges of double attempted murder on Bailiff Summer and Judge Marbou, by William278 during trial.

- Closing arguments by DA ("nothing to add") and Lawyer ("I give up, please give minimal sentence").

- Jury is asked to confer and present their decision of "Guilty/Not Guilty".

- Jury member Anna presents evidence of William278 trying to bribe her.

- Jury presents unanimous decision: "Guilty on all charges".

- Judge Marbou sentences William278 to the following:

     - For 3x Murder: 5,000 DCD, refunded loss of items and well-meant apology to each victim.

     - For 2x Attempted Murder: 1,000 DCD and well-meant apology to each victim.

     - For Bribery: Death by anvil. Sentence successfully executed by Marbou9.

- Case closed, court adjourned.

Legowar Murder

The Legoward Murder case took place in October, and was once again closed with a summary and sentence:

Court Case: dmgdog (p) vs. legowar (d)

Charge: 11 x Murder

Date: October 14th, 2019

Judges residing: Brogaman, Dutchsoccer

Bailiff: DragonFire441

District Attorney for plaintiffs: William278

Lawyer for defendant: (none; self represented)

Summary: - Defendant pleads 'not guilty'.

- Plantiff's lawyer testifies an argument for the plaintiffs, citing a lack of safety and a violation of DC constitution part 20 - claiming the arena is a death trap.

- Defendant testifies that no codes were broken and that he is not responsible for other players' mistakes. He closes that philosophically nobody can be responsible for another's actions in real life, so it shall not be so in Minecraft.

- Plantiff's lawyer argues that "this is Minecraft, lol"; philosophical reasoning grounded in life does not apply.

- Defendant fires back, citing the end poem of Minecraft states "And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream. And the player dreamed again, dreamed better. And the player was the universe. And the player was love.", implying that the game represents a parallel to life and thus it is fair to make the connotation.

- Judge Brogaman calls jurors for deliberation

- Jury is asked to confer and present their decision of "Guilty/Not Guilty".

- Jury presents decision: "Innocent of all charges". - Judge Brogaman exonerates legowar on all crimes.

- Case closed, court adjourned.