Chaincastle Station

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Chaincastle Station
Chaincastle Station.png

Chaincastle Station on opening day.

World Survival 4 (Beagle))
Network Survival 4 Beagle Railway Network
Line North Line
Location X=-30
Builder(s) 09b4eb6f-2d53-4edb-a44b-dbe3cf3d428a?size=20.png Dudelmaster
Opened 6th February 2021
Station Stats
Nยฐ of Main Lines 1
Nยฐ of Branch Lines 0
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Chaincastle Station is the second SRN Station on the Survival 4 Beagle North Line. The construction of the station was primarily done by 09b4eb6f-2d53-4edb-a44b-dbe3cf3d428a?size=20.png Dudelmaster. Chaincastle Station would open to the public on the 6th of February 2021 and it is currently the terminal destination of the Beagle North Line.


The station is built in a medieval - fantasy style, with stone brick, blackstone and magma blocks making up the majority of the block palette. The station also boasts a central spire where players can swim up to the top via a bubble-vator for a view over the surrounding area.

The interior features a floor made of crimson stems and has NTN access. As well as the two north line terminals, the station also possesses a branch line terminal for a potential future expansion.

The station was build in a snowy taiga biome in close proximity the the base of 85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png Eybwam, Northold Hollows. The station is also relatively close to the base of its builder Dudelmaster, Magmafortress.

North Line (Beagle)

Grand Central Station


Players building the house. Credit: darparniox (SRN Discord)
  • After the Chaincastle line opening, server moderator 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog would go AFK. During this time, lots of other players that attended the opening banded together to create a small house out of blocks in their inventories before he returned.