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Aeghu's Base
Aeghu's Base Middle area.png

View of the dam, observatory and station

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 18.png Aeghu
Dimension Overworld
Status Complete

Aeghu's base on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server was a steampunk-themed build by 18.png Aeghu. Due to a lack of inspiration, this base had no formal title for the duration of Survival 3. The base was situated in a rather compact Savannah mountains biome. It consisted of a 2 parted lake divided by a hydro-dam, which was built to create a height difference between the 2 lakes. The lakes were largely enclosed by steep cliffs reaching far into the sky.


The base was envisioned to be a steampunk-esque settlement building into and out of the mountains. The steam-punk vibe was achieved by using stone variants, acacia logs, dark oak planks and jungle plank accents for most of the walls and normal and green terracotta, with dark oak accents for roofing. The cliffsides were lined with bright spacious structures that housed farms o'plenty. An arching bridge high above the dam connected the opposing mountains and creating a pathway to the large observatory. At the lower of the two lakes a boat landing was created and on top of the dock walls a town hall of sorts arose.

A villager trading hall was left abandoned after a dug-out cave showed to be a well suited location for a more natural looking village with inhabitants kept indoors by the power of uncrossable double carpets. Walking through this village would lead you up a winding path to the top of the mountains enclosing the lakes below. At this top you could walk further to the location that was going to house a sky dock that unfortunately never saw completion. The mountains also gave a nice view over the nearly completed railway connections that were supposed to become part of SW Winter Line.


The base was born out of curiosity. Looking at the Grand Survival Map, a strange contrasting spot on the map situated not too far South-West from spawn drew attention.

The first decision that was made was that there had to be a dam to divide the body of water between the mountain into two lakes. The decision to go with a steam-punk block palette was made shortly after.