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This guide gives more information about Mob Heads that can be acquired on the Dogcraft server. Mob Heads drop from killing mobs on Dogcraft, at a percentage chance. This chance is not increased by using the Looting enchantment. A distinction will be made primarily between Mob Heads, Event Heads and Staff Heads. All heads are part of a custom plugin written for Dogcraft by 18.png Ironboundred, helped by 18.png marbou9. Mob Heads are often hunted down to build up a collection, but they're also often used decoratively in builds.

Mob Heads

The below table lists all heads that can drop from certain mobs, the rate at which they drop and a link to the source of the head on, which was used to generate the skins of the heads.

Points to note:

  • As of the update to 1.14.4, mobs drop heads specifically to their mob type (e.g. magenta sheep only drops a magenta sheep head).
  • When multiple heads can drop from the same type of mob (e.g. pig), the plugin randomly chooses one of them.
  • All information in this table is accurate as of the 1.14.4 update on Dogcraft.
  • Not listed in the table are the vanilla mob heads: Creeper, Ender Dragon, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton and Zombie.
  • Zombie Villager heads should drop for all Villager professions similarly to Villagers, but at the time of writing this is bugged, and all zombie villagers drop the same head.
Mob Description % Chance Link
Bat Minecraft bat 5%
Realistic bat 5%
Blaze Blaze 1%
Cat Black 5%
British Shorthair 5%
Calico 5%
Jellie 5%
Persian 5%
Ragdoll 5%
Ginger 5%
Siamese 5%
Tabby 5%
Tuxedo 5%
White 5%
Pre-1.14 Ginger

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Tuxedo

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Siamese

(Currently unobtainable)

Cave Spider Cave Spider 1%
Charged Creeper Charged Creeper 5%
Chicken Minecraft Chicken 5%
Realistic Chicken 5%
No Eyes 5% No longer available
Cow Cow 5%
Cod Cod 5%
Creeper Creeper Plushy 5%
Dolphin Dolphin 5%
Donkey Donkey 5%
Drowned Drowned 5%
Elder Guardian Elder Guardian 15%
Ender Dragon Ender Dragon 5%
Dragon Egg 5%
Enderman Enderman 5%
Endermite Endermite 5%
Evoker Evoker 5%
Fox Fox 5%
Snowy Fox 5%
Ghast Ghast 5%
Guardian Looking Straight 5%
Looking Sideways 5%
Horse Black 5%
Brown 5%
Chestnut 5%
Creamy 5%
Dark Brown 5%
Gray 5%
White 5%
Husk Husk 5%
Illusioner Illusioner

(Currently unobtainable)

Iron Golem Iron Golem 1%
Llama Brown 5%
Creamy 5%
Gray 5%
White 5%
Magma Cube Magma Cube 1%
Mule Mule 5%
Mooshroom Red Mooshroom 5%
Brown Mooshroom 5%
Ocelot Ocelot 5%
Panda Aggressive 5%
Brown 5%
Lazy 5%
Normal 5%
Playful 5%
Weak 5%
Worried 5%
Parrot Blue 5%
Cyan 5%
Gray 5%
Green 5%
Red 5%
Phantom Minecraft Phantom 5%
Snapshot Phantom 5%
Pig Minecraft Pig 5%
Black Eyed Pig 5%
Pillager Pillager 5%
Polar Bear Polar Bear 15%
Pufferfish Pufferfish 5%
Rabbit Black 5%
Black & White 5%
Brown 5%
Gold 5%
Salt & Pepper 5%
Killer Bunny

(Currently unobtainable)

White 5%
Ravager Ravager 5%
Salmon Salmon 5%
Sheep Black 5%
Blue 5%
Brown 5%
Cyan 5%
Gray 5%
Green 5%
Jeb 5%
Light Blue 5%
Light Gray 5%
Lime 5%
Magenta 5%
Orange 5%
Pink 5%
Purple 5%
Red 5%
White 5%
Yellow 5%
Shulker Shulker 5%
Silverfish Silverfish 5%
Skeleton Skeleton King 1%
Skeleton Plushy 1%
Skeleton Horse Skeleton Horse 5%
Slime Green Eyes 1%
Black Eyes 1%
Snow Golem Snow Golem 5%
Sheared Snow Golem 5%
Spider Spider 1%
Squid Squid 5%
Stray Stray 5%
Trader Llama Brown 5%
Creamy 5%
Gray 5%
White 5%
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish 5%
Turtle Minecraft Turtle 5%
Realistic Turtle 5%
Vex Vex 5%
Villager Unemployed




Tool Smith

Armorer 5%
Butcher 5%
Cartographer 5%
Cleric 5%
Farmer 5%
Fisherman 5%
Fletcher 5%
Librarian 5%
Shepherd 5%
Weapon Smith 5%
Vindicator Vindicator 5%
Wandering Trader Wandering Trader 5%
Witch Witch 5%
Wither Wither 5%
Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton King 5%
Wolf Wolf

(Currently unobtainable)

Staff Heads

See Staff Heads Section

5% Player Skins
Zombie Zombie King 1%
Zombie Plushy 1%
Zombie Horse Zombie Horse

(Currently unobtainable)

Zombie Pigman Zombie Pigman 1%
Zombie Villager Zombie Villager 5%
Pre-1.14 Butcher

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Blacksmith

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Farmer

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Librarian

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Nitwit

(Currently unobtainable)

Pre-1.14 Priest

(Currently unobtainable)


Event Heads

The following table lists heads that were acquirable through participation in Dogcraft Events, as well as purchases at Seasonal Merchants in Spawn. It only lists heads that anyone was able to get for the duration of that event (e.g. Build Battle or SNL heads are not documented here). The table is sorted in chronological order.

Head Event Method Link
Santa Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Reindeer Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Reindeer (Rudolph) Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Mistletoe Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Gift (Red) Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Gift (Green) Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Gift (Blue) Christmas 2018 Head Merchant
Santa Christmas 2018 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Elf Christmas 2018 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Christmas Tree Christmas 2018 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Gingerbread Man Christmas 2018 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Reindeer Christmas 2018 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Chrismas Pudding Christmas 2018 Event Head Hunt
Grinch Christmas 2018 Event Head Hunt
Heart Valentine's Day 2019 Head Merchant
Valentine Cake Valentine's Day 2019 Head Merchant
Valentine Bear Valentine's Day 2019 Head Merchant
Rose Valentine's Day 2019 Head Merchant
Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day 2019 Spawn Head Hunt
Egg (Green) Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Egg (Red) Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Egg (Purple) Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Egg (Yellow) Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Easter Rabbit Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Baby Chick Easter 2019 Head Merchant
Easter Basket Easter 2019 Event Head Hunt
Rubiks Cube New Events Team Spawn Head Hunt
Globe Survival 3 One-Year Anniversary Worldwide

Treasure Hunt
Pumpkin Halloween 2019 Head Merchant
Carved Pumpkin Halloween 2019 Head Merchant
Gravestone Halloween 2019 Head Merchant
Jack Skellington Halloween 2019 Head Merchant
Horror Clown Halloween 2019 Head Merchant
Trick-Or-Treat Basket Halloween 2019 Event Head Hunt

(Re-issue from

Christmas 2018)

Christmas 2019 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Gingerbread Man

(Re-issue from

Christmas 2018)

Christmas 2019 Head Merchant Custom made by hired artist, no link available
Snow Globe Christmas 2019 Head Merchant
Snow Man Christmas 2019 Head Merchant
Gingerbread Head Christmas 2019 Event Head Hunt
Book 2019 Reflections Wiki Event Meaningful Contribution to this Wiki

Staff Heads

This section is about Staff Heads that can drop from the wolf mob on Dogcraft. The color of the wolf's collar affects what Staff Head might drop. Because the plugin uses the UUID system to drop heads, a different head will drop if a Staff Member changes their skin, resulting in many available heads on the server, in the past and in the future. For that reason they will not all be listed here individually. The droprate for all Staff Heads from wolves is 5%. Like with Mob Heads, if multiple heads could drop from the same mob type, the plugin picks one at random. The below table details what drops from what color of collar.

Collar Rank/Person
None (Wild Wolf) Moderator
Red Moderator
Orange Chat Moderator
Pink 18.png bBrain
Lime 18.png simply_simon_

Previously: 18.png marbou9

Green Headmod
Cyan 18.png Scooberson
Light Blue 18.png renthedog
Blue 18.png renthedog
Purple Admin
Magenta 18.png SummerFlower1234
Yellow 18.png Ironboundred
Brown 18.png renthecat
Black 18.png Navi_Heylisten
Gray 18.png renthebob
Light Gray 18.png renthebob
White 18.png renthebob

Miscellaneous Heads

NPC Heads

NPC Heads are no longer obtainable and are considered a legacy of the Survival 1 and Survival 2 worlds. For the duration of those worlds, NPCs were purchasable through the webshop. Available NPCs were those of the Hermits (250,000 DCD) and Headmods/Admins of Dogcraft (100,000 DCD). Players were able to place one of these anywhere in the world after purchase. Another available purchase was the Golden NPC (100,000 DCD), which allowed NPC owners to place up to 10 at the same time.

However, the plugin was considered to be very straining on the server, and when the plugin did not update to 1.13.2 in a timely manner, the decision to remove NPCs from Dogcraft was an easy one as a new world started. It must however be noted that, before Mojang updated their EULA several years ago, it was possible to purchase DCD for real life money, and as such some older players had spent real life money on NPCs. To compensate players that spent a lot of DCD on NPCs, the decision was made to grant one head of each purchased NPC to the players that owned them, and 10 of each purchased NPC to players that had also bought the Golden NPC. This is how the heads of former Headmods/Admins, as well as most Hermits, made their way into Survival 3 and the collections of the most avid head collectors. Of course, NPCs of popular Hermits like Iskall85 or Xisumavoid were more commonly purchased than heads of smaller Hermits like Biffa2002 or ZedaphPlays, causing a difference in value between individual heads. On average, NPC Heads are valued at roughly 100,000 to 200,000 DCD.

Event Prizes

As mentioned in Event Heads, there are some heads that were given out to players as prizes for events. However, as there's usually only 1 or 2 copies of those heads in existence, most head collectors don't bother with them. Examples of such head prizes are winners of Build Battles or (Saturday) Nitro Live.


  • Survival 1 and 2 featured some heads that were based on player names outside Dogcraft, sometimes unintentionally causing a change in the heads, such as the polar bear head getting a Christmas hat.
  • The largest collection of Mob Heads on Survival 3 is in hands of 18.png RY44, followed by the collection of 18.png marbou9 and 18.png Mr_Quasi, 18.png Cookies58_ in third place.
  • For Christmas 2018, Rendog hired an artist from to design five custom Christmas heads for Dogcraft. These were brought out with the Seasonal Merchant, and feature a red "RD" on the bottom. Two of these heads were available once more through the Seasonal Merchant for Christmas 2019.
  • Before the 1.14.4 update, Staff Heads were not as widespread as they are now. Only the heads of Headmods and Admins were available, at a 1% droprate from the Wither and Ender Dragon respectively. For only the first few days of Survival 3, the Wither dropped the head of former Headmod 18.png Ectobeast, who stepped down at the start of that world.
  • The Events HQ in Survival 3 Spawn was based off the Event Head given out to celebrate the formation of the new Events Team. If you look at the building and the head closely, you'll notice that the colors match exactly.
  • Hermitcraft Youtuber 18.png GoodTimeWithScar was not available as NPC on the webshop, because the plugin wasn't designed to handle names of that length.
  • The Illusioner, Zombie Horse and Killer Bunny mobs are all Minecraft mobs, but none of them can be found in Survival Mode. However, the plugin has been prepared with the appropriate head drops, should they ever make their way into the survival game. The Zombie Horse head was also a prize for completing the extremely difficult bonus level of the parkour in the Halloween Event 2019.