Website Rules

  1. No swearing or excessively foul language.
  2. Absolutely no discussions about porn, sex, violence, racism, politics, drugs, alcohol or religion. (This includes innuendos, references to and graphic descriptions of anything previously stated.)
  3. No spamming or trolling (More information about spamming can be found under Help -> FAQ - > What is considered spam) - This rule includes any condescending or derogatory remarks, please refrain from such things
  4. No abusing or harassing other users - This rule includes bugging other users with whispers (Private messages,) if someone doesn't want to talk to you then please respect their decision.
  5. No uploading of explicit, violent or disturbing content.
  6. No CAPS abuse - Only MODS may use CAPS to issue warnings.
  7. No abuse of fonts, font sizes, colours, Chat Tools or line breaks.
  8. DO NOT create multiple accounts, DO NOT share your account with others - Users are solely responsible for their own accounts.
  9. RESPECT THE MODS (Moderators) - Do not argue with any Moderator, when you're told to stop discussing something, do so.
  10. Decisions made by MODS are final.
  11. No backseat Moderating.
  12. Do not give out your personal information to other members, i.e your age... real name, or your location like home town as this can be used in a negative way. If a moderator asks your age, answer them truthfully.
  13. No Pro-Piracy discussions of any kind are permitted. The distribution of pirated software or links to pirated software on will result in an immediate ban.
  14. If any user joins chat whilst drunk then they will be kicked from chat, we don't want you abusing the rules whilst intoxicated. (This rule includes Moderators who are drunk, we don't need it.)
  15. Please only use English on the public parts of the site, using another language is only allowed in Private messages!
  16. No "Necroing" (Necroing is when someone replies to a post that has already been answered or had "died" a long time ago.).
  17. Advertising accounts are not acceptable on All advertising accounts will be insta-banned.
  18. Please refrain from asking about when the next ReNDoG livestream will be or when the next video is coming out. Stream announcements will be posted on Twitter.
  19. No copying and pasting of large amounts of text from other Websites, this will be seen as DogCraft Dollar farming and will not be allowed.

Server Rules

  1. No Griefing / Stealing From Unclaimed Chests.
    • 'Griefing' means making any changes to someone else's build without their permission.
    • Even if something is not claimed but clearly shows that it belongs to somebody else. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourself!
    • This also extends to severely damaging or ruining the natural environment near anyone's claim, server spawns or public areas.
    • Removal of pillars in the end is acceptable if they are respawned afterword and the dragon is killed, no not leave pillars or destroy/build on the main end island.
    • Removing Bedrock or building on the Nether roof is also not permitted.
    • We do not tolerate stealing or griefing on this server, if you're caught doing so it will result in a ban.
  2. No Spamming, Cursing, Trolling/Flaming or Full Caps Messages.
    • Do not spam. This includes filling the chat with meaningless text, abusing caps lock, or repeating the same line of text over and over again.
    • Do not swear in public chat. If a word is filtered then it’s not allowed. Placing *’s to make it look like you are swearing is also not allowed, and will be treated as actual cursing. Do not swear in abbreviations.
    • Try and keep characters to a maximum of three of the same in a row. Ex. Spam HHHHHHiiiii - Not spam Hhhiii
  3. Claim your Land with a Golden Shovel.
    • You are responsible for your builds, if you do not wish harm to come to them simply right click with a golden shovel in two opposite corners to set up a claim.
    • Use /trust inside a claim to allow players to access and build in your claim. You gain 100 claim blocks per hour online. You are responsible for players inside your own claim. Only invite people you trust.
    • /accesstrust {name} can be used for doors, levers, and buttons while /containertrust can be used for chests)
    • Server will not reimburse stolen items.
  4. No racist, pornographic, drug, political, sexual,or religious talk in public chat.
    • Absolutely no discussions about porn, sex, sexuality, violence, racism, politics, drugs, alcohol or religion.
    • This also goes for player names and skins.
    • Signs also must follow these guidelines.
    • We don't seek to install a strictly G rated chat, but please be mindful of the age range and types of people who play here, this is on consideration with the next rule.
  5. Respect all Players.
    • Treat everyone with respect ingame and in the public chat.
    • This rule includes bugging other users with whispers (Private messages,) if someone doesn't want to talk to you then please respect their decision.
    • Do not say anything that might hurt someone.
  6. No use of mods/clients that give you an advantage over others.
    • Fly mods, x-ray mods and other similar game modifications are considered cheating.
    • Any mods or altered clients that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.
    • Any account found to be using these cheats will be banned. This includes self coded mods.
    • Optifine and shaders are the only exceptions to this rule, and the only mods allowed ingame.
  7. Respect and follow any directions given to you by staff, or any decisions made by staff. Answer When Asked a Question.
    • Listen to the staff and respond when contacted by a staff member.
    • Moderators and administrators are here to maintain the server and help ensure that it remains a safe, friendly and stable place to be. Your cooperation with them is appreciated.
    • Staff can be recognised in-game by their red (mod), green (head mod) or purple (admin) names.
    • If you have an issue with staff, please contact a higher ranking member, do not post grievances in chat.
  8. No Asking Mods for free Items, or to abuse their powers.
    • Mods play the game in survival as everyone else. However, feel free to trade or use /Mall.
    • Do not ask for staff to teleport you, give you items, or anything of the sort.
  9. Cheating the AFK kicker is not allowed.
    • This includes AFK pools/carts or use of rejoin scripts, auto clickers, or anything that plays the game for you is not allowed.
  10. You are responsible for your own account.
    • You are responsible for any and all activity that takes place on the server through your account name, no matter who was using the account at the time.
    • If your friend, family, etc logs in and is caught breaking rules, it is your problem.
  11. Only fight and/or kill other PVP players.
    • PVP is allowed only on designated server or by mutual agreement.
    • No hunting of other players! If a player is not wanting to engage in pvp, please respect that on the survival server.
    • Make sure to turn pvp off to ensure no incidents occur by toggling it using /pvp.
  12. Build respectfully
    • Build at a polite distance from other players - do not crowd other players with your building or mining operations. Maintain a reasonable distance from others builds/claims.
    • Build a reasonable distance of 100-200 blocks from another's area, not including possible room for expansion on their build, any mining or resource gathering should be done away from view of others bases.
    • Do not build offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate structures.
    • Do not stack your farms with too many animals as they cause massive lag.
    • Do not build towers within 1500 blocks from spawn that exist for no other reason but for launching an elytra.
  13. Advertising of shops is not allowed in public chat.
    • Do not advertise your shop or that you’re selling something in chat in regards to your Shop.
    • If a player asks, you're allowed to respond about your shop or items you're selling.
    • No advertising Elytra sales in chat.
  14. No building of Pigmen or Endermen farms. No creation of public farms. No elytra launchers.
    • Please use the ones provided to you by the server.
    • Public Farms are created and provided by the server and its staff, please do not create public farms on your own.
    • Elytra launchers that involve entity cramming are not allowed, webs are okay.
    • This is to reduce lag, keep a survival feel to the server and keep the server economy in a sustainable condition.
  15. You consent to being 13 years of age or older.
    • Answer when a moderator asks you for your date of birth.
    • You are required to be 13 years old to play on the server.
  16. No backseat moderating/mini-modding.
    • The moderators are there for a reason. If a moderator is not online please create a /ticket and save a screenshot.
    • Basic minecraft questions are acceptable to be answered, but let moderators handle situations that arise.
    • Do not call out other players for “breaking rules” in public chat.
  17. The server will not reimburse items or in game currency lost in crashes/rollbacks, glitches or from lag.
    • All public servers are vulnerable to crashes/lag and it can happen to anyone.
    • If the website, happens to be down, all shops will not work, and quests will not pay out rewards, please be mindful of this. Dcd are not functional if the site is down.
  18. Please only use the /ticket (issue) command for legitimate reasons.
    • This will alert moderators and allow them to deal with your issue effectively.
  19. No mob farms allowed in 1000 blocks of spawn.
    • This is to reduce lag and maintain a pleasant look to spawn.
  20. Do not spam the word "lag" or variations of the word.
    • This is in relation to server lag, and just spamming lag in chat.
    • If the server is lagging everyone is, so no need to announce it. We class it as spam, and does not contribute to chat. Lag happens to everyone.
    • If you are discussing basic minecraft stuff and “how this farm causes lag, 100000 entities in an area causes lag, etc. That is permitted.
    • The word lag itself is not banned, just spamming or overuse in situations is not permitted.
  21. Only English is allowed in public chat and on public signs.
    • Any other languages may be spoken in private messages only.
    • Signs must be English unless within claimed private areas, chat rules apply to signs.
  22. Use public areas thoughtfully. Replant Crops, trees and anything else you may have used.
    • Leave public areas as you'd like to find them, do not loot beginner areas.
    • If using the public farms or any farms, replant what you take.
    • Do not leave enderpearls everywhere in the end farm, the trash exists for a reason.
    • Don't just go and take from pigman farms without putting time in there yourself.
    • Be courteous at farms, share if other players want to use or take turns.
  23. Exploiting of minecraft bugs that provide an advantage to a player is not allowed.
    • Item duplication and bugs of that nature are not allowed.
    • Anything that adds items or changes the property of items by exploiting a bug is not permitted.
  24. Please refrain from asking where Rendog is, when he comes online, or subjects such as those.
    • Be respectful to him when he is online.
    • Yes, he plays on the server.
    • Don't crowd his face when he's streaming, a close up of your face isn't what people watch his stream for.
    • If in the case of him streaming, if asked to not watch the stream and participate at the same time, you must follow that request.
  25. Do not clutter spawn with signs, shops, elytra towers.
    • Please use the signboard in the Molemart.
    • Often shop chests are available in spawn to use, do not create your own.
  26. One minecraft account per player and one player per minecraft account is allowed on the server.
    • Do not create an alternate account or run multiple accounts at once.
    • Do not share your account, we need to know who's playing the account, if accounts are shared we are unable to know who is who.
    • Do not create or use an alternate account in the case an account has been banned.
  27. Elytra can only be traded for a minimum of 200 diamonds.
    • No credit may be given. Elytra are an end-game item, and payment must be up front and in full.
    • Players may not circumvent this rule by selling the recipient diamonds.
    • Players may charge any amount of diamonds above 200.
    • Players may charge for cash or other goods in addition to the 200 diamonds.
  28. End passes cannot be gifted or traded.

    All Server rules are subject to change, any clarification or questions contact staff and we will be more than willing to answer any questions. These rules exist to maintain a pleasant experience and ensure the sustainability of the server.