Website Rules

  1. Like Rendogs channel, our community is family-friendly and PG13. This means swearing and ‘adult content’ are largely prohibited.
  2. English is the only language allowed in public, to not exclude anyone and to enable moderation of chat.
  3. No spamming or trolling.
  4. No advertising in public.
  5. You consent to being 13 years or older.
  6. One account per player, one player per account.
  7. Respect all other players.
  8. Treat staff members respectfully and follow their directions. Do not backseat moderate.
  9. Be respectful of RenDog and his involvement in the community.
  10. You are not allowed to be drunk or otherwise intoxicated by substances while using the server, website and Discord.
  11. Do not ‘farm’ DCD by posting on the website.
  12. No ‘necro-ing’.

Server Rules

  1. All website rules apply to the server as well
    • Do not grief or steal.
      • Do not change, remove or alter builds that arent yours without the owners explicit permission.
      • Unclaimed builds and chests are no exception to this. If its not yours, dont touch it. This extends to purposely damaging the area near someones claim, or in public areas.
      • You are only allowed to remove blocks (obsidian, endstone) from the main End island if you respawn and kill the dragon immediately after. Do not build on the island without removing it (e.g. pillars to destroy crystals).
    • Do not exploit bugs, glitches or anything of the kind. Even if they provide no benefit to you or anyone else.
      • Item duplication is not allowed.
      • 0-tick farms are not allowed, as they rely on a confirmed bug.
      • You are not allowed to break bedrock or get on top of the Nether.
      • Anything that adds items or changes their properties in a way that is not confirmed as a Minecraft feature, is not allowed.
    • Do not use mods or cracked clients.
      • The only mod allowed is Optifine. Texturepacks (excluding x-ray) and shaders are also allowed.
      • These are the only exceptions, to enable easier moderation and provide clarity to players. Asking can this mod be an exception will always be answered with no.
      • X-raying results in a permanent ban, as well as fly mods and similar modifications.
    • Cheating the AFK kicker is not allowed.
      • After 7 minutes, you will be automatically moved to the Hub, where you will not earn DCD or claimblocks. This is to prevent AFKing by people to farm resources.
      • Bypassing this kicker in any way, for example with an AFK pool, flying machine, autoclicker or a rejoin script, is not allowed.
      • AFK fishers are also bypassing the AFK kicker. You can only use these machines if you are able to respond in chat when asked by a staff member.
    • Use public areas thoughtfully.
      • Dont leave items just lying around in the endfarm, pigmen farm. There are [Disposal] signs to get rid of them.
      • When the public farms are busy, take turns using them.
      • Dont take stuff from the pigmen farm that others gathered, but spend time there yourself to earn it.
      • Do not build farms or redstone contraptions in the Mall.
    • You may not cause large amounts of lag to the server with your farms.
      • Large industrial iron farms (e.g. Iron Titan or Iron Phoenix) are not allowed. You may only build small 1-village iron farms, with a maximum of 8 in total per base.
      • Please adhere to a limit of 100 mobs of the same kind in the same area. Exceeding this amount will result in a staff member telling you to cull the herd. Variants of mobs (coloured sheep, coloured llamas, etc.) do not count as separate kinds.
      • You are allowed to use flying machines, but only if they have a start- and stop point.
      • You are not allowed to use withers in farms.
    • Only engage in PVP with consent from all parties involved.
      • Playertraps with things such as lava, TNT or anvils are also covered by this rule
      • Currently, PVP is off by default due to a plugin being out of date.
    • You are not allowed to build your own enderman farm or pigmen farm.
      • You can only use those built and maintained by the server.
    • Do not spam ‘lag’ or variations of it in chat, this is categorized as ‘spam’.
      • If you experience lag, one of two possible situations is happening. Either the cause is on your end, in which case we cant help you, or the cause is on the servers end, in which case repeated complaining will not fix it.
    • Elytra’s can only be traded for a minimum of 200 diamonds.
      • This rule extends to the End warp card, which requires an elytra as one of its ingredients.
      • Elytras cannot be traded for any items or DCD. Borrowing the money or paying later is not allowed.
      • This rule may not be circumvented in any way (e.g. selling a player diamonds only to receive them back right away for the elytra).
    • Diamonds can only be sold for a minimum of 200 DCD.
      • Trading diamonds for other items is not prohibited by this rule.
      • This rule extends to diamond blocks (1800 DCD minimum), but not to other items crafted with diamonds (armor, tools, etc).
      • This rule does not mean elytra can be sold for DCD now. Rule 22 remains unchanged.
    • The server will not reimburse items or currencies that were lost in glitches, lag or crashes.
      • When purchasing items in the webshop, you have to be logged in on the server, or it will not work.
      • If the website is down, DCDs will not work properly, as theyre linked to the website.
    • Protect your builds, and build respectfully.
      • While griefing/stealing is prohibited, its always better to prevent it. Claim your builds with the tools provided by the server.
      • You can buy a golden shovel and golden hoe in Spawn for 1 dirt block each. The golden shovel is used to claim land, the golden hoe to lock containers (chests, furnaces, etc.). [Command Guide planned]
      • Do not build within 100 blocks of any other builds or claims without the owners explicit permission. Its advised to take even more distance, to also offer room for expansion for yourself and others. This also goes for mining resources in for example a mesa or desert.
      • Do not build offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate structures. Keep Rule 1 in mind when building.

    All Server rules are subject to change, any clarification or questions contact staff and we will be more than willing to answer any questions. These rules exist to maintain a pleasant experience and ensure the sustainability of the server.