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NEW Plugin's
« on: April 21, 2017, 08:35:28 AM »
There are a two new plugins that you may not have seen yet that are rather cool. First we have a plugin that will display the user's stats when you right click on them. Second is a plugin that allows you to purchase player buffs for all the users in the world you are in. bellow you can read about the plugins.

There are a few patreon perks that come with these plugins:
  • All display name colors for stats are unlocked
  • Buffs can be purchased from anywhere with a command [/playerbuffs]

Player Stats:
  • Right click on a player will bring up that players stats.

  • The main command for this plugin is [/statsb]. when preformed it will list all available commands.
  • The menu will pull up a menu that allows you to chose what color you name is when a player views your stats. You will have to purchase these colors in the shop.

  • Toggle will turn on/off the ability to view players stats in case you want to PVP and not bring up the scoreboard.

  • Finally you can bring up your own stats just for fun by doing [/statsb self]

Server Buffs:
this one is fairly fun! All you have to do is locate the Merchant that sells buffs for that world. The merchants name is McBuffy he is located near spawn.

There are a few buffs that are currently implemented, with more to come!
  • Haste 3 for 1min and 5mins
  • Strength 3 for 1min and 5mins
  • Resistance 3 for 1min and 5mins
  • Invisibility for 1min
  • Glowing for 1min