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Register to read the rules

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Register to read the rules
« on: August 06, 2016, 12:01:56 PM »



Whilst browsing this forum to decide whether or not I would like to register on the Dogcraft forum and server, I found that I was unable to read the rules page without registering and logging in. As a guest on this forum, I was able to view other threads and information pages, but the rules page kept directing me to the login and registration screen.

I decided to register and log in, after which I could read the ironic first line of the rules page; "Before registering you must agree to ALL of these rules, failure to comply with them will result in WARNINGS and ultimately BANS".  During the registration process, users are only asked to agree to the second part (forum rules) of the rules page. The twenty numbered rules are not mentioned before registering.

Perhaps it is a good idea to remove the viewing restrictions from the rules page, especially since it is directly linked from the front page menu bar and it is such an important part of any online community.

PS: I do agree to all these rules though.


Re: Register to read the rules
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